Eirini Sourgiadaki

The Mecicals Series, 2021

Eirini has an NFT artwork for sale: HERE


Born in Crete, Greece in 1981, in Athens she studied Sociology (BSc), Cultural Management (MSc) at the Departments of Sociology and Media & Communication respectively, both in Panteion University for Social & Political Science. She works across disciplines and lives between Zurich and Athens. Since 2015 she is involved in art education as a research associate in Zurich University of the Arts. Since 2010 she has published five books (fiction, artist books) in Athens, Zürich & Berlin.

Date of Birth: 1981

Place of Birth: Crete (GR)

Currently living and working in Zurich (CHE)



2018-present Ph.D. Artistic Research Fine Arts & Transdisciplinarity, Zurich University of the Arts and University for Art & Design Linz (CHE)

2014 - 2017 Master of Arts in Transdisciplinarity, Department Cultural Analysis and Mediation, Zurich University of the Arts (CHE)

2009 - 2011  Master Cultural Management, Department of Communication, Media and Culture, Panteion University of Social and Political Science, Athens (GR)

2000 – 2005: Bachelor Sociology, Department of Sociology, Panteion University of Social and -Political Science, Athens (GR)



2017 ZHdK Avina Fonds for „Metaphorai: Teleportation & Transformation Services“

2015 Fonds Design & Kunst for MA of Arts in Transdisziplinarität

2014 Hirschmann Stipendium for MA of Arts in Transdisziplinarität

2011 Nominated for the first Young Authors' Festival Prize of the Greek National Book Center and Ministry of Education



as playwright & director

2018 “Welcome on board” (with Anna Rubi) Tanzhaus Zurich SHOW-OFF (CHE)

2014 “You ‘ll go nowhere” (performer: Lena Giaka) Cartel Art Space, Athens (GR)

2013 "Nobody's city - Die unsichtbare Geschichte" (performer: Christopher Kriese), Gessnerallee Theater, Zurich (CHE)

2013 “My first tic tac of all your seconds” (performers: Sonia Ntova, Kostas Koroneos, Samson Fytros, Gintarė Čepukonytė, Grėtė Šmitaitė) Gessnerallee Theater Zurich / Onassis Cultural Center Athens / Menu spaustuve Arts Printing House Vilnius / Michael Cacoyannis Foundation Athens (GR)


as playwright (commissions)

2013 “Not a single note, my love”, by Bijoux de Kant Theatre Company, Taf The Art Foundation, Athens (GR)

2010 - 2012  “The boy with the magic fingers / To agori me ta majika dachtila”, by Puppet Theater Antamapantahou, ΠΚ Theater, Athens (GR)

2011 "Retropolis", directed by Giannis Scourletis, Michael Cacoyannis Foundation, Athens (GR)

2011 “Spiritus”, with Katerina Misichroni, directed by Bijoux de Kant, Taf The Art Foundation, Michael Cacoyannis foundation, Athens (GR)

2011 “Ex Libris”, with Katerina Misichroni directed by Bijoux de Kant, Loverdos Library Foundation, Athens (GR)


as performer

2015 “Line as an object to play with in space” by Benjamin Jagdmann, Turbinenplatz, Zurich (CHE)

2015 “Privilege” by Stefanie Knobel, Welcheturm/ Kasernenareal, Zurich (CHE)

2015: “Hu-man-hu-wo-man” by Magnhild Fossum – Z+Showroom, ZHdK, Zurich (CHE)

2015 “Luxury Face”, by Dorte Holbek, Theater Rampe, Stuttgart (GR)

2015 – 2018: “La molecule in the screen” by Stefanie Knobel – Tanzhaus Zürich / ZHdK Zurich / Künstlerhaus Bremen (CHE)

2014 “Marianne” by Mårten Spångberg–Tanzhaus Zurich (CHE)

2012 “Greece for Sale” by Martin Schick, Gessnerallee Theater, Zurich (CHE)


 Transdiciplinary project:

2018, F+F School of Art & Design, in the frame of the Kunst: Szene Zurich): Metaphorai Teleportation & Transformation Services (Interactive Installation, Performance)

2017 - 2017 Metaphorai Teleportation & Transformation Services (Interactive Installation, Performance) –Klara Kiss Zip Space Zürich Apr.17 / Highlights Museum für Gestaltung Sept.17 



2019 with Eirini SOURGIADAKI: Welcome on board!, Zürich Tanzt, Zirkusquartier; Fête des Vignerons, Vevey: VALUE THE PROCESS, TART Zürich (CHE)

2016: „Under Construction“ in the frame of „Why Singapore?“ Seminar (curating, technical set up) in ZHdK (CHE)

2016: “Forever Royalties” with Anna Rubi. Video installation for the Z+Showroom of ZHdK (CHE)

2016 „The Pain of the Others“, in ZHdK (CHE)

2015: „Tou vounou“ for Slow & Spicy Curatorial practices,– with Katja Gläss, in ZHdK (CHE)

2014: “Tracing data: What you see is not what we write” (curatorial project / connecting spaces HongKong-Zurich) in ZHdK (CHE)

2018 TART Zürich with Anna Rubi “We work hard on a big big plan” video installation and prints (CHE)

2018 Kulturfolger Zurich with Anna Rubi “We have all the time in the world” video installation (CHE)

2018 Kulturfolger Zurich with Anna Rubi “Forever Royalties” video installation (CHE)

2016 “Non-place Royalty” with Anna Rubi, video installation, London Biennale Manila Pollination, Berlin - Manila, (PHL)

2016 – 2016 “Get read of this”, typing new stories on old books –live installation / performance, Festival des Arcs Baden, Cabaret Voltaire Zurich (CHE)

2015 “We have all the time in the world” with Anna Rubi, “Doing Nothing Festival” Rote Fabrik Zürich & No Show Museum Zürich (CHE)

2013 “Jukai: your ghosts sail in the woods” (poetry on illustrations of Kelly Dimopoulou), Comme il Faux art space, Athens (GR)



2018 “This play sucks cause this is the only way to join the Universe”, theater

play / artist book for the Wind Tunnel Toni Areal project, commission by the Research Focus in Transdisciplinarity of Zurich University of the Arts and Prof, Florian Dombois, Argo books, Berlin

2017: “Metaphorai”, Amsel Verlag Zürich / Part of the transdisciplinary project „Metaphorai Teleportation & Transformation Services: Possibilities of the Impossible – publication, statistics, documentation of the “Metaphorai” test operation period.

2016: “Status: Cancelled, for your eyes only”, Amsel Verlag (Zurich) / Genre: Theatre

(in English language) A four-part monologue based on the four most popular versions of the myth of Narcissus, appropriated to the use of today’s everyday-technology and social media.

2013 : «Ποστ.», (Post.), Thines Publications (Athens-LA) / Genre: Fiction / Epistolography (in Greek language) A series of undelivered imaginary love letters written from and to humans, animals and objects. Staged for theater in April 2014 by Bijoux de Kant Theater Company, Romantso Bios, Athens

2010 (2nd edition December 2011): «Το αγόρι με τα μαγικά δάχτυλα» (The boy with the magic fingers), Ellinoekdotiki Publishers / Genre: Poetry (in Greek language) Adaptation of the old Norwegian myth “Grimen” in a traditional Cretan poetry form. Staged

for Theater by Antamapantahou Puppet Theater company in ΠΚ Theater Athens for the seasons 2010-11 and 2011-12.

Contributions to books:

2017 Happy Tropics 1, ZHdK, Why Singapore? (Genre: Journal), Art Stage Singapore 2017 Contribution with the project “Under Construction”, a collection of unpublished works on the topic of construction sites in Singapore, by seven Singaporean poets and visual artists (Jennifer Anne Champion, Stephanie Chan, Deborah Emmanuel, Geraldine Kang, Gwee Li Sui, Jason Wee, Lawrence Ypil)

2016: Metaphoreia, ZHdK, Diploma publication (Genre: Journal)

Fictional journal and guide to a utopic/dystopic city, collaboration with Diana Bärmann and Marc Latzel (MA of Arts in Transdisciplinarity)


The Mecicals Series, 2021

The Mecicals Series, 2021