End User License Agreement



The present agreement regulates the sales and takeovers through the webwhop of www.mymuseum.co operated by Tünde Török EV. The present agreement is available via the website for the public. The contracting Parties are Tünde Török EV, as Seller (thereafter the Seller or MyMuseum) and the person who takes an order, as the Buyer (thereafter the Buyer or User). Upon accepting the present agreement and recognising it as obliging to them anyone may be a Buyer. The primary language of the agreement is Hungarian.

Name of the company: Veronika Szendrő E.V.

Address: Dohány utca 30/a, Budapest, 1074

Tax number: 67871461-1-42


E-mail: veronika.szendro@gmail.com

Customer service :  veronika.szendro@gmail.com

The procedure of taking orders

Having registrated the user logs in to their account.

They browse among the artworks in 'Artworks' and after having clicked on the button 'Buy' under the photo of the artwork the user finds the artwork in their cart.

If the user clicks on ' Add to MyCollection', the artwork is placed in the user's account, but does not appear yet in the cart, to have it in the cart the user must click on 'Buy' first.

The user may view the content of their cart whenever they click on button 'cart'.

The user sets the parameters of the artwork that they intend to buy, the number of copies they want to buy and by clicking on 'x - delete' they may also delete items from the cart. After the number of copies are confirmed, the content of the cart automatically updates.

In case of artworks to be displayed on a digital frame, if the user has not chosen a frame yet, the 'Choose a digital frame for the artwork, please' link appears at the content of the cart. Through the link the user is directed to the page of the website where the appropriate frame can be selected. The frame is added to the cart after the 'Buy' button is clicked by the user. 

If the user would like to add further artworks to their cart, it is possible through 'Artworks'. During browsing in 'Artworks' the content of the cart does not change. If the user does not want to add further artworks, the content of the cart can be checked through pressing 'Buy' button. After the user has checked the content of the cart, they select the desired delivery option and type personal data as well as delivery address in.

The Seller has the rigth to correct any possible mistake or missing infromation about the products or prices in the webshop. In such cases the Seller infroms the Buyer as soon as possible after the recognition of the failure and the necessary modification of the infromation. In such cases the user has the rigth to either confirm their order again or withdraw from sale.

The user sends their order by clicking on 'Buy' button after having given all the necessary data and double-checking if all the given data are correct. In addition, the user may send the gallery their comments about the sale or may inform the gallery about any further wishes via email.

How orders are processed

We process orders within 48 hours. The user receives a confirmation email after the order has been made. If this email does not arrive in time, that is maximum 48 hours after the order, the user is exempted from the contractual obligation. The order and the confirmation is considered to be arrived when they become available for the Seller or the user. The Seller refuses the responsibility for confirmation if the order does not arrive to the Seller, because the User has given a wrong email address during placing the order, or because the User cannot receive further emails in their inbox due to the fact that their inbox is full.

To modify data

The User may undo steps during placing the order and modify data that they have given before they press the 'Order' button.

Confirmation of order receipt

There is a confirmation of order receipt email sent to the Buyer from Art of Future. First, the Buyer receives an automatically generated email upon the receipt of the order, then Art of Future informs the Buyer about delivery / pick-up time in a further email. In case of any arrangement is needed about the status of the order or a potential modification of the order, contact us via veronika.szendro@gmail.com

Payment Conditions

The Buyer may make the payment through the Pay Pal online payment platform from our webshop or in cash in our gallery in the case of a personal takeover of the artwork .


In case of shipment of a physical item (digital frame) it is necessary for the Seller and the Buyer to agree on the date and method of the delivery by email. Due to lack of stock the Seller has the right to cancel the purchase. In this case the Seller is obliged to return the full price of the missing product to the Buyer within 14 days from the date of purchase. 

Right of withdrawal

The Buyer in case they are qualified as a Consumer is entitled to withdraw from sales within 14 days. The 14 day period starts on the day when the Buyer or a person entitled to take over the item by the Buyer takes the bought item over from the staff in the gallery or the delivery person.

If the Buyer decides to withdraw from the sale, they are obliged to send a form including their intention of withdrawal via email to veronika.szendro@gmail.com or by post to Dohány utca 30/a, Budapest, 1074. If the Buyer decides to withdraw from sale and sends us the email or the letter, we will send a confirmation of withdrawal receipt via a durable medium such as electronic mail.

The form should be sent within the 14 day period allocated for withdrawal of sale.

In case of withdrawal, the Buyer is obliged to compensate for any service provided by Art of Future within maximum 14 days from the takeover of the bought item. Compensation must be paid in the same payment method used previously. The delivery fee of the return of the bought product should be paid by the Buyer. Art of Future is entitled to pay the compensation only after the bought item has been returned in 14 days.

The Buyer is obliged to return the bought item as soon as possible but within maximum 14 days from the arrival of the form of the withdrawal intention.

Based on Artice 45/2014 (II.26) Korm.rendelet 29 § (1) i) about agreements between the Consumer and the Company the Buyer cannot use their right of withdrawal if the packaging of the bought item has been damaged.


In what cases can the Buyer use their right of warranty?

In case of defective execution the Seller is obliged to provide warranty following the article 151/2003. (IX. 22.) Korm. on durable consumer prodcuts.

What right within what deadlines are the Buyer entitled to based on the warranty?

In case of warranty the rights stipulated in the Civil Code apply to the Buyer within 1 year from the time the item was bought.

When is the Seller exempt from providing warranty?

Only if the Seller is able to prove that the damage or defective operation appeared after the execution has been performed.

Intellectual property rights

The website of Art of Future is under the protection of intellectual property rights. The use, printing, reproduction, publishing, distribution, storing or using it for any other public or commercial use of the content on the website are only allowed upon having received written permission from Art of Future.

Data protecion

Veronika Szendro, sole trader (hereinafter: Data Controller) manages the personal data of the registered users in connection with online commercial activities for the purpose of executing orders and related activities such as invoicing. Only personal data are used that are unavoidable to fulfill the purpose of data control.

Personal data are managed for the period of time and depth that is needed to fulfill the purpose of the data control. The Data Controller protects their registered users’ data in every possible way. The address of the Data Controller: 30/a Dohány utca, Budapest, H-1074

Contact details of the Data Controller: veronika.szendro@gmail.com

The legal basis for data controlling: the Article 2011. évi CXII. on the right to self-determination as regards information and information freedom paragpraph 5. § (1) a) The consent of data subject.  Consent to data controlling:  The user gives their consent to data controlling of their peronsal data which they voluntarily provide when they register.

Data subject: registered users

Data controlled: data necessary for placing an order provided by the registered users when placing an order: name, contact details (phone number, email), delivery address. People entitled to be informed of the data: - The commercial and delivery associates, supporters, agents of Art of Future. The timeframe of data controlling: as stipulated in the Civil Code after the execution of the order. The Buyer may ask the Data Controller to:

- be informed about how their personal data are managed,  - modify their personal data,  - delete or block their personal data.

The Buyer may view, modify or delete their personal data having logged in with the use of the username and password they have given when they were registering. If an order had been sent before the data were changed, the data valid at the time of placing the order will be attached to the order. To change, delete or view the data attached to the order the Buyer needs to contact the Data Controller personally, by phone or via email. The Data Controller is obliged to provide the requested information in writing as soon as possible after the receipt of the request, but within maximum 10 days. If the Data Controller finds the request for modification or deletion reasonable, they are supposed to act as soon as possible so that the request is fulfilled.If the Buyer is not satisfied with how the Data Controller reacted, they are entitled to go to court to exercise their right of personal data protection or to contact the National Data Protection and Information Freedom Authority ( www.naih.hu/kapcsolat.html ).  Article CXII of 2011 on the right of self-determination and the freedom of information is to be read below:

Complaints handling and other remedies

The Buyer is entitled to contact Art of Future (using the contact details included in the present agreement) about any customer complaints concerning the services and products of Art of Future.

If there is a legal dispute between Art of Future and the Buyer and it cannot be settled through negotiations between the two parties, the Buyer is entitled to commence legal proceedings, furthermore, the following remedies are available in case of consumer dispute:

- Complaint at the consumer protection authority

- commencing the proceeding of the conciliation panel

- commencing legal proceedings

 It is the local (in accordance with the Buyer’s address) panel that is competent in case of commencement of the proceeding of the conciliation panel. 

In case of the lack of address within Hungary, it is the headquarter of the company included in the legal dispute that determines the competent panel.

In case of the request submitted by the Buyer, it is possible for the Buyer to appoint a conciliation panel instead of those described in paragraph 1, and 2.


The content of the present EULA – including the conditions of ordering - , and the prices are displayed on the webpage of Art of Future, are only valid in case of online purchase (in case of online order has been placed).

The Buyer acknowledges and accepts all the conditions included in the present agreement upon registration or placing an order.

The present EULA is subject to Hungarian law. If not regulated by the present agreement, the Hungarian law must be followed with special respect to Article V of 2013 in the Civil Code and Article CVIII on electronic commercial services as well as services in connection with the information society.

MyMuseum is entitled to unilaterally modify the present EULA if the registered users are informed prior to the change. The modified conditions will be in effect from the user’s first login after the changed and must be applied from then on.

The Operator of the Webshop has the right to make any adjustments to the Webshop at any time or shift to using a different domain without informing the registered users in advance.

The present End User License Agreement comes to effect: on 1st September, 2022.